Green Banking….


Green Banking
Robby Brown, Financial Services Specialist, Regions Bank, Dalton Main Office

Going green? There are lots of ways to save “green” – and do something good for the planet—even when it comes to your banking!

**Save consistently.
Until recently, Americans had been out of the habit of saving. But consumers
are now realizing that a savings account is not an old-fashioned relic of our
grandparents’ generation. Consistent saving builds that emergency fund so you
don’t go deeper into debt when the unexpected happens. The amount you
save is less important than consistency. “Pay yourself first” each
payday using direct deposit or automatic transfers so you won’t forget. At
Regions, our LifeGreen Savings account rewards consistent monthly savings with a year-end bonus.  

**Opt for online.
Paper bank and credit card statements not only kill trees – they can present a security risk. Mailbox theft is still on the rise and information can fall into
the wrong hands if not disposed of properly. Play it safe and be a bit “greener” by having statements sent to you via email. And by paying bills electronically, you save postage, paper and transportation costs – while lowering your risk for identity theft. Plus, it’s faster, helping you avoid late fees.

**Bank smarter.
Speaking of fees, hold on to your hard-earned green by practicing sound
financial management and avoiding late fees and overdraft charges. And whether
you need some help balancing your checkbook, buying a home, or planning for
retirement, now has an impressive array of free articles,
tips and calculators available to you (click the “Advice” tab). Plus, Regions
recently launched My GreenInsights (, a smart new tool within Regions Online Banking that can help you track and manage your spending, set goals, and see your financial “big picture” in one place.

Our Regions team in Dalton is your trusted financial resource, ready with advice and guidance to help you save time and money with your everyday banking, borrow smarter and even plan for the unexpected. Visit us at any of our three Dalton offices where it’s time to expect more… green!

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