Update from Our Local Leaders…

Varnell Mayor Dan Peeples
Dan Peeples

What are the top priorities of the City Council?
Since my last report much has been accomplished in Varnell. We continue to grow through both residential and commercial annexations, addition of new businesses and the prospect of a new restaurant opening in the near future.

The Historic Varnell House and Community / Senior Center has been completed and is being used by the community. The community center is hosting activities such as the Varnell community club, senior exercise classes, dance classes, music lessons and boy and Girl Scout activities. This year we are relocating the Varnell Saturday farmers market to this location. The construction of a multipurpose pavilion is near completion at the location of our former temporary city hall. The facility will be available for use this spring. Reservations to schedule the facility can be made at city hall.

Our new city hall is also near completion. This facility will be the new home of city council, city manager, city clerk, public safety and municipal court. The new city hall has been a grand effort among city employees, citizens, suppliers and the State department of corrections who provided labor for all three facilities on this campus.

What will the city look like 5-10 years from now because of the efforts of the City Council?

In 5 to 10 years, our City will look like a more efficient, self-sustaining bedroom community. People will still go to the bigger cities like Chattanooga and Dalton for larger items, but we will be more self-sufficient with items like more restaurants, a vet clinic, dry cleaners, perhaps a dentist office and other things of that nature. Our downtown area will be more attractive and have that “southern feel” as we add small buildings to go along with our Community Center, City Hall, and the Varnell family Pavilion. Look for more picnic tables, more places to walk, and more festival events planned in our downtown area.

Varnell is a great place to live and raise a family. I Love Where I live and I Hope Our Citizens do also.


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