Update from Our Local Leaders…

Tunnel Hill Mayor Kenny Gowin
Kenny Gowin

What are the top priorities of the City Council?
During the last round of comprehensive planning, we decided as a community to pursue sidewalks, depot renovation, a new route for Hwy 201 to US Hwy 41, and adding wastewater service. We weren’t selected for a sidewalk grant we applied for; the new route for Hwy 201 was defeated due to the T-SPLOST vote in 2012; we’ve cleaned up the depot area significantly, but have yet to find the appropriate funding for any renovation; and we have successfully added a wastewater trunk through much of the city (thanks to the efforts of Dalton Utilities and Whitfield County).

What will the city look like 5-10 years from now because of the efforts of the City Council?
The city could look much different, or it could look much the same. It’s very doubtful Hwy 201 will be re-routed anytime soon unless something dramatic changes in funding during the next few years. Depot renovation will be very expensive, but remains a possibility. Sidewalks are possible too, but have taken a bit of a backseat to the depot and wastewater efforts. Being such a small community, it’s hard to tackle more than one or two large projects at the same time. The addition of wastewater is what could change our city dramatically in the near future. In addition to the lines laid, we could be close to an Appalachian Regional Commission Grant that might help spread the lines to more businesses along Hwy 41. That’s phase 1 of a plan that could possibly see wastewater lines built throughout the community. If these plans do come to fruition, then new development and redevelopment could follow close behind, especially with an improving economy.


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