Business Expo is the premier networking opportunity in Northwest Georgia.

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After 10 years of hosting the event, you may think it’s all the same….no way! Here are the top 7 things I learned at our 10th Annual Expo.

1. Good Sportsmanship. We had four different business machine companies represented at this year’s event. Each brought their own benefits and
advantages to the event. The individual companies represented all had excellent presentations and were healthy competitors under the same

2. Business to business networking is alive and well. While the event was open to the public many of the connections made were with neighboring
exhibitors. A lot of business was being done.

3. There is such a thing as a free lunch! If you have the right community partners and citizens who believe in your organization, it’s
possible. This was the 17th year we have had the Cookout in honor of national small business week, and it gets better every year. Thank you
to all of the small businesses who make this event possible…and fun.

4. I don’t know everybody. Each and every year, I meet new people and learn about new companies to do business with.

5. Folks will do most anything for a free t-shirt. Many exhibitors engaged their visitors in a game in order to receive a goodie. There was a
money machine, Plinko game and a football toss. Yes, I tried them all!

6. Make it fun and they’ll come back. We have increased the “fun factor” the past few years by partnering with City Entertainment. P.J. Poston
and his crew have the lights, music and action to make a fun time. We also had a magician this year. Yeah we know how to have a good time.

7. People share amazing ideas…ok, so I knew this one, but how wonderful that we live in a community so willing to brainstorm with a neighboring
business to help them with their marketing, insurance, banking or legal needs. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

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