Go Green… Featuring Raspberry Row

Because we believe it is so important to protect the earth, Raspberry Row is proud to support and offer many green products including Urban Junket, purses and totes made from recycled water bottles!

These high quality, functional bags are built using environmentally friendly materials to minimize impact on the earth. These T.O.T.E. ‘s (To Observe The Earth) are made from eco-friendly coated canvas made with non toxic dyes. They also use RPET lining which is made from recycled bottles that undergo high temperature washing and sterilization before being before being spun into thread and turned into fabric.

The goal at Urban Junket is to combine inspired and unique styling with everyday functionality. They know it can be done and don’t believe that anyone should have to sacrifice one for the other. Urban Junket defines everyday functional as the combination of durable materials and efficient usable spaces that help to keep you organized while protecting your treasures during the daily journeys that define your life.

The Convertible T.O.T.E. – Reclaimed plastic bottles: 21 for each tote!
Three styles one bag, change it in a snap: tote style, hobo style or satchel style

Krista Long
Raspberry Row
205 West Cuyler St.
Dalton, GA 30720


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