Green Story

Lamar Advertising has made “GREEN” a focus. Lamar Advertising understands that utilizing recyclable materials is only worthwhile if a recycling plan is in place and followed. The company has implemented a complete closed-loop recycling program that recovers all used PE or PVC flex advertising materials and moves them to a recycling facility where they are either made into new products or made into pellets which are then re-melted into new products. Lamar now recycles approximately 7.2 million pounds of PE and PVC per year.

Lamar has converted virtually 100% of all 30 sheets posters to utilizing single sheet polyethylene posters (PE). These efforts will keep an estimated 1,400 tons (2,800,000 pounds) per year of non-recyclable poster paper from reaching our landfills. Our vendors have been mandated that PE is the only acceptable substrate to use for production of our posters.

In 2008, Lamar spent over $2 million to upgrade the printing machines at Lamar Graphics to new machines using UV-curable inks. This move away from solvent based inks has resulted in the elimination of over 15 tons of VOC’s annually.

Lamar Advertising started in 2010 working to utilize renewable energy. Since 2010, over 7,200 solar panels have been installed onto over 2,000 billboards just in Florida and Louisiana. The solar capacity will return over 2.5 million kilowatts of energy per year back to the electric grid as we consume our power off peak hours and produce during peak hours. This represents the largest network of distributed solar energy anywhere in the world. Lamar is considering a more widespread application of this technology.

Lamar Advertising started in 2012 utilizing the latest LED technology and replacing the 460watt metal halide lamps with 76 watt LED’s. This is an 83% reduction in energy consumption. The LED lights will last well over 15 years with no maintenance which will save man power and fuel.
Claude Corbin
Lamar Advertising


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