Recycle Your Old iPhone or Cell Phone!

It seems like every year there’s a whole parade of new cell phones and smart phones available. When it’s time to get that new iPhone, Android, or other smart phone, what will you do with the old one? Should you keep it? Recycle it? Sell it? Pass it on to your mom? Here are some helpful resources that will help you do the right thing no matter what kind of cell phone you have.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your phone and recycle it, there are several drop-off sites in our community that will gladly take it and get it to the right place. One is the Old Dixie Hwy. Landfill and Convenience Center at 4189 Old Dixie Hwy. You can drop off phone and all other types of electronics during regular business hours. Two additional drop off sites, only for cell phones, are RadioShack at the Walnut Square Mall, and Lowe’s on Glenwood Ave. Each store has a designated collection box just for cell phones. All three provide the service at no charge.

Depending on the type of phone you have, you could get some cash back that can be applied to the purchase of a new phone. A highly recommend service online is Gazelle, at To get started, choose your phone brand, and model number from a list, then indicate the condition of the device. Gazelle immediately gives you a quote based on the condition of the phone, which you can lock in for thirty days. If you accept the quote, download and print the shipping label, then mail it to their collection site. Once they receive your phone and examine it, they will release payment. You can choose to be paid by check, Amazon gift card, or PayPal.

The EcoATM is a new service available at a standalone kiosk at the Walnut Square Mall near Books a Million. Place your phone in the tray to identify it and get an estimate. To sell your device you will need to provide a driver’s license and a fingerprint scan. Deposit your phone and get real cash back instantly. Learn more about it at

With so many opportunities to recycle your old phone, there’s no reason to keep them hidden in the junk drawer any more. Don’t forget to backup your data, erase or reset your device, and remove the SIM card before dropping it off or mailing it in.


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