73rd Annual Chamber Banquet and Share the Vision Luncheon

Chamber Meeting and Banquet 

This year’s banquet was definitely one of the best. Outgoing Chairman, Bryan McAllister, highlighted many of the wonderful things your Chamber has been a part of over the last year. We honored past Chairmen from the 1960’s and both Manly Steel and Belk, two local businesses celebrating 125th anniversaries.  Derek Waugh was our mystery guest speaker and wowed the crowd with his message.

To watch the Manly Steel video, click here.

Please be sure to check out the Chamber’s facebook page in the next few days to see pictures from this year’s banquet.

Congratulations to the following: 


Our outgoing Chair,

Bryan McAllister and Welcome to our

newest Chairman, Robert Smalley!


Small Business Person of the Year

Don Adcock

Chairman’s Award

Joe Yarbrough

Diplomat of the Year

Jennifer Baxter

    The Leadership Dalton-Whitfield Alumni Association presents

  “Share the Vision”


      Featuring the Economic Impact of the

Dalton State College Athletic Program

Thursday, November 7th

11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

NorthWest Georgia Trade & Convention Center

Meet the Coaches & Athletes!

Enjoy a fun filled program to kick off the first basketball season!

Tickets must be purchased in advance by November 4th. No tickets will be sold at the door.

You can register online at www.daltonchamber.org or by calling the Chamber office at 706-278-7373.


Green Story : FiddleHeads Garden Center


Most gardeners are recyclers by nature and can be quite creative when it comes to their recycling ideas. Gardeners recycle grass clippings by using a mulching mower, use newspaper for weed barriers, and compost garden and food refuse.

Fiddleheads Garden Center was born through recycling efforts.  The interior of the store was created entirely out of recycled materials.  Most of it was done by saving materials from three 1890’s structures that would have been burned or sent to the local landfill.  Items such as windows, doors, wood, tin, Mason jars, a 1902 Sears & Roebuck catalog, corn cobs, and many other materials were incorporated into the design.  It has not been out of the question for us to pick up interesting stumps that are sitting curbside to incorporate into displays.  In October, we displayed a 5 foot spider hanging in the rafters of the barn made from unusable bicycle tires from our neighbors at Bear Creek Bicycle Company.  In December, we will display a 14 foot tall Christmas tree made entirely of broken pallets.  We have many upcoming projects that involve the reuse of coffee bean bags, packing materials, bamboo, and other items.

Generally, curbside recycling programs are unable to accept plastic plant containers, such as pots and hanging baskets.  However, year after year, countless plastic nursery pots are sent to the landfill by gardeners all over the country. That’s a shame since they take ages to decompose in our landfills. The average plastic container takes decades to start decomposing. It isn’t until then that the chemical bonds between the atoms of the plastic begin to break down.

Fiddleheads Garden Center’s recycling program gives consumers a responsible recycling option and makes it easy for all consumers. We allow customers to return FGC plastic plant trays, pots, and tags; these materials may be left on the front porch of the store.  Once the pots and trays are returned to Fiddleheads, they are sterilized and reintroduced to the production cycle. Serviceable trays are recovered and reused for cuttings, plugs (baby plants), and for plants needing a larger pot as they fill their existing container.  Most garden center recycling programs simply send their recyclable materials to be melted down and reused; however, FGC avoids this step which requires gas for transportation and energy for melting and remolding.

FGC accepts horticultural plastics such as cell packs, trays, pots of all sizes, and hanging baskets. Pots with other store branding will not be accepted.  Please shake soil and rocks out of containers and remove all foreign materials.  In the future, take time to bring your pots back to Fiddleheads Garden Center rather than tossing them in the trash.


Fiddleheads Garden Center

1237 W. Walnut Ave.

Dalton, GA  30720


Dodgeball Challenge 2013


There are only 2 spots left in the first annual Dodgeball Tournament!!  The tournament is free and will be part of the half time entertainment at home Dalton State basketball games.  Teams will consist of 6 players who work for the enrolled company or have a direct affiliation- no ringers please!  Dodgeball games will last 5 minutes, and the team with the most players standing, wins!  Players receive free entrance into the Dalton State basketball game.  The tournament will be single elimination and teams will have at least 1 game and potentially 4 games if you play in the Championship.  Start practicing now!

These spots will go quickly!

Be sure to sign up today!!!
Remember the 5 rules of dodgeball: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge
For questions, please contact the Chamber at


Explore Experience a success for students and businesses

Explore Experience Picture

Explore Experience is an opportunity for high school juniors to explore a career by spending time in a business that will give insight into the profession in which they are interested. The event took place October 1 – October 3 and was a huge success! Students were given the opportunity to work in a variety of settings and see what their future could hold depending on the path they choose. Students were given experiences that will prepare them for the real world, including interviewing and working with customers. This was the fifth rotation of Explore Experience and another one is already in the works for Spring. If your business is interested in participating, please contact the Greater Dalton Chamber of Commerce.

We would like to thank the following businesses for hosting students:
Blood Assurance, Chattanooga History Museum, Dalton Animal Care North, Dalton Animal Care South, Dalton Golf and Country Club, Dalton Fire Department, Dalton Police Department, Dalton Public Schools, Dalton Utilities, Dat’z a Wrap, Dr. John Richmond, Engineered Floors, Friendship House, H2B Creative, Hunter Museum, IVC US, Kinard Realty, Mohawk Industries, Dr. Frank Patterson, Peds Care, Petland, Ross Woods Adult Daycare, Shaw Industries, St. Joseph’s Clinic, White’s Pediatrics, Whitfield County District Attorney, Whitfield County Health Department, and Whitfield County Schools.