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Spotlight on Business: Owen Security


Starting from a desk in hisImage home and with a passion for stopping crime, Gary Owen started Owen Detectron in Calhoun, GA 40 years ago. The company quickly became one of the largest security systems companies in Georgia. Area homes and businesses quickly began to recognize their superior services and value-oriented pricing.  Today the company has grown to become one of the country’s largest privately held security companies. Although now we’re known as Owen Security Solutions, we’re still Georgia-based organization built upon Christian values and a passion for stopping crime. 

As the company has continued to grow, we have expanded our technical, clerical, and sales staff to meet the daily needs of our customers.  This growing need is especially true in Whitfield County, our second largest market in Georgia.  To help take care of existing clients and develop new clients, Joseph Weatherford, a lifelong resident of Dalton, GA and MBA graduate of Kennesaw State University was hired in January 2013.  Joseph’s passion for customer service and for his community has helped to further the company’s mission:  “To constantly exceed expectations through unmatched product and service quality, and to protect our customers’ valuables as if they were our own. We are committed to the relationships we build through honesty, integrity, innovation, and responsiveness and we constantly strive to build upon these values one customer at a time.”

ImageTo date, we offer one of the largest assortments of technology-based security solutions in the industry.  For our customers, we provide everything from 24/7 professional monitoring to the latest in home automation.   Joseph and the entire Owen Team look forward to working with to make your home, business, and neighborhood safer.  For more information about the services or to obtain a FREE 32-Point Security Audit, you can visit us online at www.owensecurity.com or give us a call at (706) 629-7398.    




Are your energy bills affecting your bottom line?

Energy efficiency is quickly becoming one of the best ways to decrease your operating expenses, increase your bottom line, and strengthen your business’ public relations.

Energy Consumption:

Reducing your energy bills can be easy; your electricity bill is all about your usage. How much electricity you use is not only based on how often your lights, heater, and air conditioner are on but also on how much energy each of these devices consume. For example, take two lamps. One takes up 40 watts and one takes up 8 watts. If both lamps are on for the same amount of time each day, the lamp that uses 40 watts is going to cost much more than the lamp that uses 8 watts.

Operating Income:

One of the many success stories in Dalton has realized approximately $20,000 annually in energy reduction translating to reduced monthly operation costs. By carefully analyzing the existing building and installing the right solutions, payback is typically less than 4 years and as short as 6 months with incentives! Return on Investment at 30% or better!

“We feel that working with EES has allowed us (Precision Products) to take advantage of the energy savings offered by their program resulting in better and more efficient lighting throughout our 100,000 sq ft. plant. Replacing the old inefficient lighting with modern fixtures will mean less heat generation in the upcoming summer months, ultimately reducing air conditioning demands. Throughout the transition EES was there to make the whole process seamless while providing the engineering necessary.” Jim Griffin, CFO PPI

Public Relations:

Implementing energy efficient solutions shines on your business for being environmentally responsible and a good steward of the earth. People and communities take note of companies who are actively moving to save energy and become leaders in sustainability. Saving energy makes cents.

EES Consulting: The best way to find out if energy efficiency could positively affect your business is to speak with a professional. EES Northern Georgia specializes in helping businesses like yours reduce their energy consumption, water consumption, and waste management expense. For more information call 770.783.0745 or email JMartin@itsEESy.com. Website: www.EnergyAuditDalton.com 


We wish the following businesses much success!



Gateway Antique Mall
Mr. Mack Brindle
4103 Cloud Springs Road
(706) 858-9685
Honey Baked Ham
Ms. Diane Beeching
100 W. Walnut Ave. Suite 118
(706) 277-4966
Asia Bistro
Mr. Ken Phuong
785 Shugart Road Suite 9A
(706) 529-9988
Mr. Mohammad Abbasi
1140 N. Glenwood Ave.
(706) 378-8054


March Member Mixer at North Georgia Toyota

Photo 1
The staff at North Georgia Toyota are ready to serve you!

Photo 2
Donna Cunningham (HealthCom Federal Credit Union), Joey Parrott (Wells Fargo Bank), Cathy Snyder (Creative Arts Guild) and Judy Elliott (Elliott Media) have a good time at the Mixer.

Photo 3
Dan Davis (First National Community Bank), Hugh Kemp (A Tradition of Excellence), Caron Peavey (Hamilton Medical Center Gift Shop) and Marla Zuspan (First National Community Bank) enjoy catching up at the Member Mixer.

Photo 4
Skycha Mdeiway (Sky-Dog Boutique), Kristie Gazaway (Jarrett’s Business Machines) and Sharon Love (Allstate, Todd Love) get to know each other at the event.

Going GREEN for a Better- Stronger Community

We are excited to announce our expanding business and will be opening up The Diva’s Closet in April 2014

The 3 Divas in the Attic/FedEx Shipping has gone GREEN in opening our new expansion for the Diva’s Closet.   

Kimberly Steed, by trade, is an Interior Designer and has graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2008, with CIDA Accreditation.   She has gone through on-the-job training in LEEDS Accreditation and Professional Studies on Going GREEN.   There are several things that Kimberly is committed to- when going GREEN.

Kimberly has gone back to her Design background and will be using re-purposed items, such as architectural elements for decorative purposes, doors of all kinds for display areas, old windows for message boards, and re-purposed plastic (Lucite) Chandeliers for the bling aspect of our Diva’s Closet.

Also, there will be a big re-purpose of cork being used throughout the store to showcase jewelry and other accessories.   Being able to use re-purposed items will help to eliminate the carbon foot print in our community and waste that goes into the landfills each year and will bring a certain unique style to 3 Divas in the Attic/FedEx Shipping.

Going GREEN is being a responsible and committed partner, in our environment as well as, in our community.   Being able to move forward in educating others in re-use, re-purposing and recycling for a better and stronger community should be our upmost importance.  

Going GREEN has its benefits as well; it gives individuals a sense of pride when being able to help reduce waste.  Going GREEN can produce income for our community and other related jobs involving our on-going Recycling Programs for the City of Dalton and surrounding communities.   It takes all of us in our communities to get involved in Going GREEN for all future generations to enjoy this thing called our planet EARTH.