Going GREEN for a Better- Stronger Community

We are excited to announce our expanding business and will be opening up The Diva’s Closet in April 2014

The 3 Divas in the Attic/FedEx Shipping has gone GREEN in opening our new expansion for the Diva’s Closet.   

Kimberly Steed, by trade, is an Interior Designer and has graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2008, with CIDA Accreditation.   She has gone through on-the-job training in LEEDS Accreditation and Professional Studies on Going GREEN.   There are several things that Kimberly is committed to- when going GREEN.

Kimberly has gone back to her Design background and will be using re-purposed items, such as architectural elements for decorative purposes, doors of all kinds for display areas, old windows for message boards, and re-purposed plastic (Lucite) Chandeliers for the bling aspect of our Diva’s Closet.

Also, there will be a big re-purpose of cork being used throughout the store to showcase jewelry and other accessories.   Being able to use re-purposed items will help to eliminate the carbon foot print in our community and waste that goes into the landfills each year and will bring a certain unique style to 3 Divas in the Attic/FedEx Shipping.

Going GREEN is being a responsible and committed partner, in our environment as well as, in our community.   Being able to move forward in educating others in re-use, re-purposing and recycling for a better and stronger community should be our upmost importance.  

Going GREEN has its benefits as well; it gives individuals a sense of pride when being able to help reduce waste.  Going GREEN can produce income for our community and other related jobs involving our on-going Recycling Programs for the City of Dalton and surrounding communities.   It takes all of us in our communities to get involved in Going GREEN for all future generations to enjoy this thing called our planet EARTH.



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