Mashburn Cardiac Pavilion

Hamilton Medical Center (HMC) recently finished its Mashburn Cardiac Pavilion, which includes two cardiac catheterization labs, a dedicated endovascular lab, a hybrid lab for cardiac or endovascular procedures and a cardiovascular short stay recovery area.

“We have had excellent feedback from both physicians and patients,” said Jeff Hughes, director of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Services.  “We have two new physicians who came from large metropolitan medical centers, and the level of technology we have here has impressed them. It exceeds what they have been accustomed to using at the larger centers.”

The upgrades provide great comfort and privacy for patients, according to Hughes.

Hamilton’s cardiovascular hybrid suite houses the Artis Zeego, the first multi-axis system with robotic technology. The Zeego offers unmatched positioning flexibility for advanced clinical procedures and enables physicians to see fine blood vessels and interventional devices in precise detail from almost any angle – all this while providing fast, accurate diagnoses, improved outcomes for patients and the lowest possible radiation exposure.

The hybrid suite can be used for all types of vascular procedures including ones to gain vascular access for dialysis, angioplasty and stenting of vessels in the arms, legs and neck, and abdominal aortic aneurysm repair. Cardiac procedures that can be performed in the hybrid suite include heart catheterization with cardiac stenting, cardiac rhythm implants – such as a pacemaker or internal cardiac defibrillator – and cardiac ablations to correct abnormal heart rhythms.

HMC’s two dedicated catheterization labs feature fully digital Artis Zee® angiography systems with flat-panel screens for viewing high-resolution images of patients’ blood vessels and interventional devices with precise detail and from almost any angle. The Artis Zee® is designed to provide the lowest possible radiation dose, and its ergonomic design makes the procedure faster and less stressful for patients.

HMC’s cardiovascular program features a team of specially trained cardiovascular nurses, technicians, board certified cardiologists and interventional cardiologists.

“This expansion is a huge step forward for our community,” said Hughes. “We have brought in the best technology and built the best facilities to meet the cardiovascular needs of our community today and have positioned ourselves to be a leader in cardiovascular care into the future.”

For more information about HMC’s cardiac services, please visit



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