Spotlight on Business: Pinnacle Technology

Pinnacle Technology is an information technology company conveniently located at 209 West Emery Street. Pinnacle Technology is owned by Mr. Lawrence Brownlee. Lawrence created the company after 16 years of full-time employment within the information technology industry. Mr. Brownlee started his technology career working in the university system. In addition, he has worked for a law firm, and a local computer store, and finally a global information technology outsourcing company before deciding to become a business owner. This gives Pinnacle Technology a well-seasoned and well-rounded experience in dealing with many types of technology situations.

The office of Pinnacle Technology provides service to various corporate business models as well as residential clients. Pinnacle Technology sells new desktop computers, laptops, tablets, as well as servers and networking equipment. Most desktop computers, laptops, and other computer hardware and software is available next business day if it is not already in stock. The company provides in-house services such as virus/malware removal, operating system reloads, diagnostics, data recovery, and computer upgrades. Friendly onsite technical assistance along with remote support is available.

Flat-fee rates are provided for common services such as in-house hardware diagnostics, virus/malware removal, operating system reloads and data recovery. Other work is billed on an hourly basis and estimates can be provided if requested. A self-service helpdesk system is used to track the work performed for each client so that status updates can be requested and provided to each client for each request.

For more information you can visit the website at or give us a call at 706-529-5751. If you’d like to contact us via email you can send email to Mention this article for free computer diagnostics (a $35 value valid until 7/31/2014.)


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