AIM goes Green

Penny Bike Chattanooga

AIM is a company whose corporate headquarters are located in Omaha, NE
and I am the Regional Relationship Manager for our Southeast division based
in Chattanooga TN. We run our whole company on very “green” principles.
One aspect of that is there is very little paper consumed. Most everything we
do is online and handled via Google apps. We even offer electronic signatures
for all our contracts, both internally between our employees and our HR
department as well as externally with customers. Another green initiative is
that even though we are a nationwide company, there is very little travel. I
attend weekly meetings with my co-workers, but they are handled via Google
Hangouts – so I get to “see” my co-workers but we can avoid travel expenses.

Here locally I do my part to be “green” as well. I telecommute from home a lot
in order to keep my car off the road and when I’m working in the downtown
Chattanooga area, I take advantage of the Bike Chattanooga program. If I am
going to a meeting that’s just a few blocks away from my office, I will either
walk or bike to it rather than drive. When I am working in the Downtown Dalton
business district I do the same, I park my car in one location and then walk to
all of my destinations.

Both Dalton and Chattanooga have a very walkable and bikeable downtown.
Not only is it good for the environment to give the car a break, but it’s good
exercise too. Plus it lets you experience and appreciate our beautiful city and
it’s local surroundings on a much deeper level if you’re doing so by walking or
bike riding rather than being in a car.



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