Chamber Connections at Outback Steakhouse

Photo 2

Loretta Willis (Lyle Industries), Karen Anderson (Lyle Industries), Gina Swanson (Lyle Industries) and Penny Posey Hughey (AIM) enjoy making new friends at Chamber Connections.

Photo 3

Renee Davis (Four Paws Pet Resort), Jennifer Williams (Four Paws Pet Resort), Billy Willis (Billy Willis Photography) and Vicky Alt (Arbonne) get ready for a delicious Outback lunch.

Photo 4

Irene Magana (Check Into Cash), Doug Ivester (Cross Plains Community Partner), Dewey Moss (The American Legion), Steven and Irma Campos (Affordable Auto Repair 706) and Doyle Huggins (Carpet Capital Association of REALTORS) have a good time at the lunchon.


Jennifer Baxter (The Law offices of Jennifer Baxter), Bryant Ramos (Zaxby’s),  Tina Gunter (2 Work Staffing), John Erwin (Arrow Exterminators) and Starr Gaston (Costco) do some networking at Chamber Connections.

Please join us at our next Chamber Connections at Outback on August 13th at 11:30.

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Heritage Tourism

As the sesquicentennial (150year commemoration of the Civil War) winds down next year, the assets in our community will remain an historic draw for years to come.

When the Dalton 150th Civil War Commission convened five years ago to lay out a strategy to highlight our Civil War heritage, the task seemed daunting. Many significant historic sites lay in our community and the sesquicentennial provided only 4 years to highlight these assets.

The Dalton Civil War 150th Commission began to develop a strategy determining to work with existing events, such as the Civil War show at the convention center in February and the Battle of Tunnel Hill reenactment in September. In addition to the existing events, the 150th Commission determined it important to acknowledge annual special events highlighting historic happenings 150 years prior. The first special event took place in 2012 with the 150th anniversary of the Great Locomotive Chase (1862) with a guided bus tour visiting three key areas in our county where the chase took place. In 2013 the special event featured a self-guided tour on Civilian Life in Civil War Dalton in 1863 highlighting five sites in and around Dalton. Most recently a commemoration of the Atlanta Campaign that started in North Georgia in 1864 was highlighted with a guided bus tour of six significant sights in our county, all of which played a role in the campaign. Three of these sites were newly obtained, developed and opened to the public.

To produce these events the Civil War 150th required partnerships to help provide effective programing and information dissemination. The Bandy Heritage Center provided a lecture series to complement the Civil War shows in February, an Atlanta Campaign bus tour in 2014, and a series of lectures throughout the sesquicentennial. Additionally a well-received ongoing series of articles was published by the Dalton Daily Citizen informing readers of people, events and places in Dalton during the war years.  A publication of Dalton’s Civil War history will be the culmination in 2015.

The Civil War 150th Commission consisting of approximately 30 volunteers under the leadership of Dr. Jim Burran is to be congratulated and thanked for their ongoing commitment to bringing history to life during the sesquicentennial.

As the sesquicentennial comes to a close in April 2015 (1865) the CVB will continue to promote Dalton’s Civil War heritage to visitors. This includes marketing sites and providing information to visitors to experience and learn history by “being there.” According to market research, heritage tourism visitors leave more money per day than other visitors so the marketing by the CVB will generate a great economic impact for our community in our restaurants, hotels and retailers. And maybe those visitors will even learn a little something along the way!



Get to Know July’s Diplomat of the Month, Morgan Luffman!


1)   Image What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Working as an Account Executive at Comcast Spotlight allows me to meet and build relationships and partnerships with people in diverse industries.  I love that I’m able to learn about different companies, their goals, and needs; then, I’m able to create a cable advertising schedule that is customized and helps their business grow

2)    Whose career do you most admire?

I most admire teachers.  Not only do they teach and equip children with life skills, they are, in my opinion, unfairly compensated for all that they do.  I can’t imagine the patience it must take to teach.

3)   What’s your dream job?

My dream job would be to work behind the scenes in the music/entertainment industry.  That is, of course, if I can’t get paid for watching TV and playing with puppies!

4)   Who’s your hero?

My daddy, Lloyd Luffman, is my hero.  He is a lung cancer survivor and one of the best people you could ever meet.

5)   If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be and why?

I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather be than myself.  Sure, I’d like to have more money, or look like Beyonce, but at the end of the day, everyone has problems and issues.  God has provided me with everything I need, I have friends and family that love me, I have a job that I love, and I’m happy being me!