Spotlight in Business: First National Community Bank

logoIn 1975, a group of local civic and business leaders opened the doors to a new bank; a bank rooted in the long-standing principles of true community banking that would be responsive to the financial needs of families and business owners.

Today, First National Community Bank continues to embrace the principles on which we were founded. By doing so, we bring life to independent banking that provides tangible benefits for those we serve. Here, our customers come to discover relationship-based, service-driven banking at the hands of friends and neighbors. Our brand of banking means a tunnel-vision approach to the unique needs of each individual gracing our doorway. It means local loan decisions by banking professionals who not only know our customers but the community as well. It means value in a wide array of accounts and financial services.

Certainly, it also means a large dose of corporate citizenship. Both corporately and as individuals, First National Community Bank is at work beyond the walls of our bank. Throughout the Chatsworth, Dalton and Eton areas, our bankers devote countless hours in civic, charitable, educational, youth and economic development endeavors that benefit area residents and enhance the quality of life we share.

074 (2)Over the course of the past several years, our nation has endured an economic downturn that has touched the lives of most everyone in America. The actions of a handful of Wall Street banks, insurance companies and investment firms trickled down to affect financial institutions from coast to coast. As a result, many large, regional banks retreated to the sidelines and withdrew their lending efforts. However, First National Community Bank never ceased its lending function. In our role as your true community bank, we felt it incumbent on us to remain invested in the lives of our customers whether improving their homes, educating a child or expanding a business…among countless other reasons.

First National Community Bank also expanded its loan presence with greater emphasis placed on mortgage lending, allowing customers with dreams of home ownership or those interested in refinancing a higher-rate mortgage to take advantage of interest rates that remain near historic lows. Our Mortgage Department is located at 101 N. Hamilton Street in Dalton, although our Mortgage lenders remain flexible to travel to provide a measure of convenience for home loan customers.

The FNCB brand is one that differentiates it from other banks. While many people think that one bank is about the same as the next, customers of First National Community Bank know otherwise. Independent banking brings them greater value, faster answers, immediate access to documents when need and, most important, a relationship with “bankers who will provide the right solutions each step of the way,” according to FNCB President and CEO Laurice Tatum. “Our mission continues unabated in providing exceptional service and tailored solutions for our customer. To a person, each FNCB banker believes in the traditions of community banking and, as a result, we enjoy a great deal of satisfaction in seeing individuals and business owners achieve their goals.”


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