Felplast, Inc.: A Company Committed To Improving The Environment Through Recycling.

Felplast is a post-industrial plastics recycling business operating in Dalton since 2010.  Unlike most local businesses, however, Felplast has a much more traveled history.

Felplast, Inc. was originally founded in Italy in 1970.  After working in the plastics industry for decades, Felplast U.S.A. CEO Andrea Ori decided to create an American operation after reading about the vast amount of plastic waste produced in the U.S., specifically the carpet and flooring industry.  His goal was simple – help reduce and reutilize the billions of pounds of plastic materials dumped into landfills annually while also creating jobs and a thriving business.

Felpast began its U.S. operation in 2006 based in Alpharetta, GA.  As business expanded and relationships grew, Mr. Ori moved the company to Dalton where some key suppliers were located.  In its almost 10 years of existence, Felplast has grown from an idea in Italy to an office in a suburban Atlanta home to three facilities stretching from Northwest Georgia to Southwest Pennsylvania.

Felplast utilizes a wide array of business relationships; not only do long-running relationships and contracts with industry leading manufacturers exist but also temporary relationships with smaller companies for individual projects.

In addition to suppliers and customers throughout the United States, Mr. Ori’s years of international business experience open doors to a global marketplace.  Felplast has direct and indirect customers in nearly every continent and multiple countries including but not limited to Mexico, Italy, Romania, China and Vietnam to name a few.

The expansive reach of Felplast and other recyclers in this green industry is quite impressive.  Many common items including appliance and automotive parts, food storage containers and nearly all types of flooring incorporate some sort of green program into their production process.   In addition to using recycled material to create products, many of these processes are designed to reutilize waste back into their own process and often times into unrelated products.

Almost all plastic can be recycled and reused through some sort of green process.  The extent to which these materials can be reused varies depending on many factors.  Felplast offers recycling options for a wide range of materials including propylene, ethylene, polyester, nylon and styrene.

Private or public, large or small, independent or corporate, we all have to do our part as individuals and companies to help preserve the Earth.  Recycling and investing in green technologies are easy ways to help and Felplast, Inc. is proud to be a contributor to the green movement.

Felplast – We Reinvent Plastic

Office and Recycling FacilityFELPLAST_logo
909 Trammell St
Dalton, GA 30720

2418 Cleveland Hwy
Dalton, GA 30720


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