Get to know the Diplomat of the Month, Tim Rowe!

Tim Rowe January 14What volunteer organizations are you involved with?

I am involved with the Greater Chamber of Commerce, the Morning Rotary Club, and Providence Ministries.  Dalton Funeral Home also provides a meal and entertainment to Whitfield Place each quarter.  I especially enjoy when the Rotary Club helps with Special Olympics.

What are some of your favorite places to travel?

I love to combine traveling with a bike trip.  One of my favorite trips was to Bar Harbor, Maine.  I biked Acadia National Park for several days and enjoyed the serenity and beauty the park had to offer.

Who has served as your mentor?

I have known my mentor for most of my life and he is Mr. J.B. Whitfield.  Mr. Whitfield taught me lessons on how to run a business; but, most importantly Mr. Whitfield taught me to treat all people the same…with respect and dignity.

What lessons did you learn from your family about being successful?

I was always taught to follow my passion.  It takes a lot of hard work to start a business, but when it is your passion in life, you enjoy every second of the journey.

What has been your biggest triumph?

My biggest triumph was when I was able to start my own funeral home.  I have been in the funeral business for over 25 years, and it was extremely gratifying to be able to start my own funeral home and help families.


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