February’s Spotlight in Business: Dalton Utilities OptiLink!

Dalton Utilities and OptiLink: Your Hometown Connectionsfront sign

Dalton Utilities has been an integral part of the Northwest Georgia region since 1889, providing residents and industry with electric, natural gas, water and wastewater services.  In 2003, the Utility branched out to form a telecommunications division, OptiLink, which provides cable television, telephone, high-speed internet and broadband services throughout the community.

Utility companies must operate in both the present and the future.  While taking care of customers’ immediate needs is a priority, Dalton Utilities is constantly looking to the future, researching ways to provide innovative, high-tech services that both use our natural resources responsibly and protect the environment for the benefit of future generations.

Currently, we are part owners in two additional units at the Vogtle Nuclear Plant in Waynesboro, GA to augment our electrical generating assets and allow for future load growth.…while producing no new carbon emissions. Additionally, we have added some solar power to our energy portfolio from solar arrays located on our Land Application System.

In our efforts to provide you with quality utility services and great local customer service, Dalton Utilities is also engaged in several “green” projects which put our wastewater to work for other purposes.  We are a partner in the largest wastewater reuse project in the State in which we provide treated wastewater for use in a 1,240 megawatt electrical generating plant located on our 9,800+-acre Land Application System.  Additionally, we take the solids from our wastewater treatment process and combine them with organic matter to create compost.

2013 Optilink Folks Looking Good (3)In our water sector, we provide clean drinking water to over 35,000 homes and businesses in a three-county area.  We also do an educational program in local schools each year, IN THE KNOW ABOUT H2O, to educate students on the importance of water conservation and the preservation of our natural resources. Additionally, Dalton Utilities owns and maintains the Spring Creek Wetlands Preserve in Northwest Whitfield County.  Two walking trails and a guided tour provided on our website exposes visitors to the importance of wetlands and all the plant and animal life a wetland supports. Right down the road is a canoe launch/take out located along the Conasauga River also owned and maintained by Dalton Utilities.

OptiLink, Dalton Utilities’ telecommunications business, provides great benefit to the region by making available the types and levels of technical services one might only expect in a much larger metropolitan area.  Our 100% fiber optic system allows large corporations to have point-to-point connectivity between locations and move great quantities of data quickly and reliably.  The flexibility and built-in redundancy of our fiber optic system makes OptiLink an excellent choice for a variety of businesses.  Additionally, residential customers and small businesses benefit from having high-quality television, telephone and internet services available at highly competitive rates.

Visit us at www.dutil.com and www.optilink.us


February Diplomat of the Month: Congratulations Jennifer Baxter!

IMG_1216Being involved in the community is extremely important to me because I believe that you get from your community what you’re willing to put into it.  My time as a Chamber Diplomat has exposed me to so many of the great things that are happening and opened up so many opportunities to get involved.

Through the contacts I made as diplomat, I became a member of Carpet City Rotary, and one of our major projects is sponsoring local Special Olympics events. Being even a small part of these events is such a blessing, and those athletes inspire me with their sense of determination. I have also had the opportunity to serve as member of the board for Friendship House, an organization that provides high quality, income-based child care.  Our annual Spaghetti Supper fundraiser is one of the best traditions in town.  Each year, our Carter Hope Center board sponsors 24 Hours of Hope, where Gregg Ellis and volunteers run for 24 hours to raise money for Carter Hope Center.IMG_0599

Recently, Dalton hosted the Regional High School Mock Trial Competition, and students from local schools presented a mock case in Whitfield County Superior Court.  Local attorneys volunteer as evaluators and Superior Court judges volunteer their time to serve as judges. The students put in a astonishing amount of prep work to prepare for the competition, and I am amazed every year at their level of preparedness and poise.  This year, two local high schools qualified to have their teams move forward to the district round on February 28 before hopefully advancing to the state competition.

Everyone has something they are passionate about and everyone has some special talent. I challenge everyone to find a way to put your passions to use in this community– and I guarantee there’s an organization out there that can benefit from your time and talent!