Congrats Diplomat of the month: Zac Callahan

I took my first real job in the fall of 2008 as stockman/cashier at Kmart. My job was simple and paid well for a 16 year old with no bills. My job consisted of stocking shelves, retrieving buggies and occasionally running a cash register which was by far my favorite part of the job. I was only at Kmart for about 6 months; after that I started my own business with a friend as a project for school which turned into a good job for about a year. We ran a small scale landscaping company here in Dalton, mowing residential yards mainly. Working this job at 17 is when I figured out that I wanted to have a business of my own for the rest of my career…..just not in landscaping.

Zac Head Shot

Zac Callahan

Boost Advertising was a blessing in disguise to me. I give credit to Michael Williams, the owner of this company as well as a local realtor at Kinard Reality here in Dalton. Back in 2013, I had left my job at UPS to finish college and search for a better job. Unfortunately the only “better” job I got was hanging insulation in newly built homes…..not what I had in mind. This job was dreadful to say the least, but for the time being, it was a flexible schedule which worked well for school. In the fall of 2013 I began searching for an office job, something that would allow me to dress nice and make a difference using the tools I have studied in College. On December 1st 2013 I started my job at Liberty Tax as a Lead Marketer in Dalton. This was only a seasonal job through tax season; however this was merely for the good reference on my resume to further my career in business.  After tax season I acquired a job with a local production company that I am now part owner in, Loud Media Group, we offer installed sound, lighting, and video to local Churches here in Dalton. In August of 2014, my fiancée, Megan Bramblett, actually saw Michael’s post on Facebook, I believe the post read something similar to: “looking for a part time assistant, someone that is computer savvy and that can help run a business.”  I quickly responded which led to an interview where Michael and I shared our thoughts and views on life and decisions on how a business should run. A conversation I will never forget when a man that is so successful agreed with my thoughts on business, this really made a difference in my self-assurance….thank you Michael! After a few phone calls and a couple of weeks, this altogether led towards me taking the position as president at Boost Advertising.

Someone passed advice to me a long time ago that has always stuck “If you want to be a professional fisherman, then take advice and listen to a professional fisherman, not the man selling bait…” This made so much sense to me. If you want to be successful, listen to successful people. So I have done exactly that. Last year I started listening to man named Dave Ramsey, if you have not listen to him, I strongly suggest you do. This man primarily teaches people to be debt free, but he does so much more. One of the main quotes of his I live by is this “There is ultimately only one way to financial peace, and that is to walk daily with the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ”. This has proven to be true to me for a long time now and I would not have it any other way.

I enjoy not being trapped in an office all day. This job has allowed me to be out and about most every day. I probably walk into about 10 different businesses a day and I absolutely love it! The Chamber has also been a very resourceful tool. My target market is small and/or local business owners in Dalton, and the Chamber stays full of them. With all of the luncheons, ribbon cuttings, and connections, they help generate a lot of business and I am very appreciative of them.

If I had been asked a couple of years ago, where did I see myself in 2 years, I would have never imagined it would be this. I am happily engaged and looking forward to being married in May, run two great businesses that support our local community, and I play guitar in the worship band at my home church in Chatsworth, Total Praise Baptist Church.  I am less than 2 years from having a Bachelor’s of Science in Business and I cannot wait until I am finished. I absolutely could not ask for a better life. God has truly blessed me, and have truly been a faithful servant of Him.



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