May Spotlight in Business: Bucket List Antiques & Collectibles!

How did you come about the building?


My husband, John Davis, has an affinity for old buildings. He also has a deep appreciation for Downtown Dalton.  When he learned 300 N. Hamilton would be available, he took me over to look at all of the amazing existing architecture inside. We immediately fell in love with what it could become again. Quickly thereafter, we realized it  would be a challenge to restore its beauty and usability, but fortunately, my husband is always up for a challenge.

Tell us about the building

When we first purchased the building we went to the Whitfield/Murray Historical Society to see what we could find out about its history, they super helpful in pulling the Sanborn Maps and locating 300 N. Hamilton on the 1885 map. Apparently, it was a cotton exchange, awning company, car dealership, tire store, and in its final incarnation before we purchased it, it was G&S office supply. I truly wish these walls could talk.

How did the thought of opening an antique store come about?

After the initial renovation, the building all but screamed Antique Store. We didn’t have one in downtown, and it felt like it was the place and time for it.  It just felt right. With its history and great layout, it seemed like what it was meant to be this time around.  .

What is the inspiration behind the name?

My sweet mom, Marilyn Beavers, was a great believer in Bucket Lists. We spent the last few years of her life checking off every one.  On her 80th birthday she was asked what was next on her list. Instead of giving us another, she challenged each of us by asking “What’s on your list?” After she passed in November 2013, I spent time grieving and soul searching. When we bought 300 N. Hamilton and talked about what to do, this seemed like my mom saying, “Go for it!” I realized that having an antique store was actually on my “Bucket List,” hence the name. It could be no other.

Tell us a little about what you carry.

I am so proud of what we have to offer in Downtown Dalton. We carry a large variety of items, everything from 1800’s cabinets, mid-century modern, to items just waiting to be re-purposed. I am so fortunate that with almost 7000 sq. ft of floor space, we should have something for everyone. We carry “Velvet Finishes” paint products, which is a Kellie Smith Design Studios creation, I have local artist Heidi Ingle’s paintings and have even had a Paula Plott Gregg art show as well. Items change daily so it is always a surprise to see what comes in.  That is truly one of my favorite aspects of my business; you never know what will walk through the door next!

BLAntiques_Teal_logo_WithTaglineHours of operation?

We are open Monday-Friday, 10 am to 6pm and Saturdays 10 am – 3 pm.

Bucket List Antiques & Collectibles, LLC
300 N. Hamilton
Dalton, GA 30720


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Partners in Ecology

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