Modern Woodmen of America wants you to be “environmentally literate”!

Partners in Ecology

Use your outdoor classroom space


Modern Woodmen of America is pleased to provide the educational program, Partners in Ecology, for you and the young people you work with for FREE. Targeted to upper elementary and middle school students, these materials meet many of the State and National Science Standards.

These materials are designed to develop in students an understanding and appreciation of the environment and their place within it. The materials will help children grow into responsible citizens who do their share to make this world a better, sustainable place to live. A citizen who is “environmentally literate” has capacity to perceive and interpret the relative health of environmental systems and take the appropriate actions needed to maintain, restore or improve the health of those systems.

Partners in Ecology has a variety of activities that should or may take place outdoors. We encourage you to use your natural setting for a learning environment as often as you can. The most fundamental reason for taking your students outside to learn and conduct the activities in this workbook is that the goal of the material itself is to help students understand their connection and relationship to their environment.

Exploring this information in an outdoor setting will help students to understand and remember the basic concepts of habitat, ecosystems, natural resources and environmental action.

Modern Woodmen sells life insuagtPhotorance, annuity and investment* products not to benefit stockholders but to improve the quality of life of its stakeholders – members, their families and their communities. They do this through social, charitable and volunteer activities. Annually, Modern Woodmen provides more than $26 million and one million volunteer hours for local community projects.

Please call Shell Underwood at 706-508-9290, she is a Modern Woodmen Financial Representative and has taught science for 14 years.  She will be happy to get you a copy of the Partners in Ecology program AND come and help you implement it inyour school, scout troop, or classroom.


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