June Green Story: Arbonne


Pure Safe Beneficial

Most people think of Arbonne as “a skin care” Company.  Well that’s just the beginning.  Arbonne was founded by a biochemist named Petter Morck.  He looked around and realized that what most people put on their skin wasn’t healthy.  His reasoning was simple, people were putting things on their skin that were harmful to them, the environment and the world and he believed that wasn’t necessary.  In the 1970’s, he looked at what companies
arbonne-logo were doing and decided he could do better.  And better he did, his passion for the beauty and perfection found only in nature led him to develop botanically based products that were pure, safe and beneficial.

Did you know that Arbonne was named after a town in Switzerland and has come to mean “beautiful tree”?  It has become all of what Arbonne stands for green and renewable. Since all products are botanically based, the ingredients are renewable and biodegradable unlike 97% of most personal care products that use mineral oil (highly refined crude oil) and parabens.   Our ingredients are harvested carefully from all over the world with sustainability in mind.  The ingredients are superior botanically based products, free of harmful ingredients and very effective.

Arbonne creates these wonderful products without the use of formaldehyde-donating preservatives, phthalates, petrolatum, synthetic or artificial colors, dyes, sweeteners or flavors, and a host of man-made chemicals which do not break down in the environment.

Arbonne uses soy-based ink in its printed material and it uses printing facilities that are either carbon neutral or working to achieve carbon neutral standards.  100% of all shipping materials and paper (for printed materials) are made of renewable sources and are recyclable.  Arbonne requires all suppliers to be carbon neutral or working toward that goal.

The Company’s commitment to avoiding animal fats and oils is another way in which Arbonne helps to keep the Earth green.  Using animal fats,  tallow, old restaurant grease adds to the air pollution in several ways, through excess methane production from animals,  excess run-off of chemicals used to treat GMO crops, overuse of antibiotics as well as excessive steroid use, which then ends up in our streams, rivers, and water systems.  These are chemicals are not filtered  out of drinking water and contribute to fish die-offs as well as red tides in the ocean areas.

We hold to EU standards, which has banned over 1000 chemicals in personal care products while the USDA has only banned 10.  Two of the main ones the EU has banned is mineral oil and parabens (a BPA like chemical).  Cosmetic Companies that are world-wide must re-formula their products for sale to overseas markets.  Arbonne is manufactured here in the USA, using EU standards which allows them to sell the very same product the world over.  Now that just isn’t green, it’s just good business sense.

Arbonne is committed to pure, safe and beneficial products.   We believe we can educate, empower and inspire people to make better choices for ourselves, our families and our communities.  That is the passion of Arbonne.

Arbonne is committed to being green and we look daily for ways to branch out in future-friendly ways, leaving a green legacy for generations to come.

Call Vicky Alt for more information (706) 694-2009


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