June Spotlight in Business: Boost Advertising

head shot

Zachary Callahan

My name is Zachary Callahan and I am President of Boost Advertising, your local advertising solution.  We provide effective advertising for a very affordable price that absolutely cannot be beat. We strategically place high definition screens in high traffic areas in Dalton and Chatsworth. Our locations include places that keep a crowd for more than a few minutes, such as restaurants, hair salons, and auto mechanics. Our locations include: 3 locations in downtown Dalton: Dalton Depot, Tease Salon, and Town Square Café; Playerz Sports Bar on Walnut Ave, Taylor’s Tire (41 Hwy.) Gills Grill (Abutment Rd) The Engine room (Cleveland Hwy.) and the Village in Chatsworth.

There are many reasons why businesses choose to advertise with Boost Advertising. The main reason is affordability. When you purchase a spot with on our screens for $50…. that is it. No more fees. No extra cost for the design or processing. Just $50.  This price includes one month of advertising on a screen of your choice (based on the availability of space on screen) and our custom design work. Our artist will have an ad ready for you to approve within 24 hours. Usually sooner than that! Your ad will go up immediately following your approval.

FB Profile PicWe also offer discounts for customers who purchase long term advertising solutions. For example, if you purchase a year of advertising with Boost, the price would only be $500 which is 2 months for free! You may also change your ad as desired. This has been a really beneficial resource for retail stores that run different sales throughout the year or seasonal businesses.

Please contact me if you have any questions or want to try Boost Advertising for a month, and let me help you grow your business!


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