September Green Story: LOVE IT

Love it PSA ChamberlinkLess Litter Means a Greener Place to Live

As you drive around the community you’re sure to see trash carelessly thrown out the window of a moving vehicle, and trash that has been blown off the back of a pickup truck or trailer because the load was not properly secured. Litter, trash in the wrong place, is a burden on the community. Besides being an environmental issue, littering an economic development issue.

According to the Litter in America study conducted in 2009 by Keep America Beautiful, 93% of homeowners said that a littered neighborhood would decrease their assessment of a home’s value and does influence their decision to purchase a property.  55% of realtors think that litter reduces property values by about 9%.  And, 36% of business development officials say that litter impacts decisions to locate to a community. 

This fall Keep Dalton-Whitfield Beautiful announced an educational campaign that will encourage individuals to stop littering. KDWB is a local non-profit dedicated to making the Dalton and Whitfield community a more beautiful place to live. Their focus areas include waste reduction and recycling, litter prevention, and beautification and community greening. This volunteer run organization has annual programs like Christmas Tree and Electronics recycling day in January and also hosts Adopt-a-Mile cleanups throughout the year.

After reviewing almost fifty anti-litter slogans submitted by the public, two were chosen in August to be a part of the educational campaign. The main slogan, “Love it. Don’t trash it!”, was submitted by resident Eli Miranda. While the hashtag #LiveLitterFree was submitted by Robert Fernandez, also a local resident. Both phrases will be used to promote litter free lifestyles and demonstrate positive actions people can take to help clean up the community and throw trash away responsibly.

For example, an easy way to help is keeping a trash bag in your vehicle. Results from the litter study showed that 51% of litter came from motorists intentionally throwing things from their vehicles. Prevent the thoughtless toss of trash by keeping a bag or container in your vehicle exclusively for trash. When you arrive at your destination, take a minute to throw the items away in the appropriate receptacle.

To learn more about the litter prevention campaign, or to register to volunteer with KDWB call 706-278-5001 or visit  Join their Facebook page at for updates, events, and green living tips.

Photo caption: Keep Dalton-Whitfield Beautiful’s new anti-litter education campaign “Love it. Don’t trash it!” aims to encourage residents to prevent and help cleanup litter.


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