November Green Story: Ecocountertops

84x84 Logo with leaves at rightThe earth is beautiful and EcocountertopsUSA™ is helping to keep it that way.  How, you say?  By reducing landfill waste and saving customers hundreds of dollars in the process!  EcocountertopsUSA™ is a resurfacing company that specializes in countertops, tubs, showers, and surrounds.  We offer an affordable alternative to countertop replacement and deliver results our customers love and that are safe for the environment. IMG_0809

The final resting place for deconstructed countertops is landfills.  This is not good for the environment, because manufactured countertops deteriorate in landfills and as they do, they release harmful toxins.  EcocountertopsUSA™’s resurfacing process repurposes your current countertops saving our environment from these toxins. IMG_0878

In addition to countertops we resurface tubs and showers turning unwanted colors or mismatched tile into the color of your choice.  We can also give tile, and tubs a stone appearance using similar techniques as countertops.    The difference is dramatic.

We at EcocountertopsUSA™ are happy to extend our eco-friendly services in Dalton and surrounding areas.  Call us at 1-800-WOW-TOPS for a free estimate and choose from over 70 colors for your countertop, tub or shower just in time for the holidays!


Jason McDade, Dealership Owner

844-WOW-TOPS / McDade



November Diplomat of the Month

I am thrilled to be chosen as the Diplomat of the Month.  Being involved in the Chamber has been a great experience for me
to connect with so many people and to build not only business relationships but friendships along the way.  Born and raised in Dalton I have so much love for our community and am extremely proud of the small business supportMisty Silvers that the Chamber promotes.

As an insurance agent for locally owned business, Adcock Financial Group, my main goal to tackle the challenges that came with the Affordable Care Act.  I work hard to make sure we stay on top of all of the changes to assist everyone getting insured and making sure they have the best coverage for their needs.  Health insurance is not a favorite for many but I am pleased that we have had such a positive impact to remedy the struggles others have.