December Feature Story

On Thursday, June 25th I went to what would be my final OB/GYN visit. I was 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant. That evening we put our 2 year old son to bed around 8pm and at 1:00 am I had my first real labor contraction. At 1:45 am I woke my husband to let him know I was in labor and at 2:15 am my husband, Justin, called our babysitter.  Then we made phone calls to family and a final phone call to my best friend around 2:23 am. Then I had a sudden urge. I yelled for my husband but he was right next to me. My water broke. My husband tried to get me in the car immediately, but I insisted we couldn’t go anywhere because we didn’t have a sitter for our 2 year old yet.

Then I reached down to find the baby crowning. My calm husband called 911 and explained that I was in labor and we would not make it to the hospital. This is where the story gets really ODD.  Kelly Azbil, our dispatcher, was comforting, confident, strong, and encouraging. The strength in her voice was never wavering as she walked Justin through, step by step, how to deliver our child safely while she simultaneously dispatched help. Friday, June 26, 2015 2:27am our baby is born. It’s a girl! Megan RewisKelly stayed on the line with us until help arrived, singing our praises and ensuring us everything was going to be okay.

Samantha Spawn and David Freiberg were the first two emergency responders to arrive and examine us both. Then came a firefight
er, Kent Cochran, whose smile I will always remember. The paramedics, Adam Freeman and Aaron Gaddis, arrived and loaded the baby and I into the ambulance and gave us both thorough checks. Miraculously, we were perfectly fine.

This crew… Our crew…. Our angels… They were incredible! I am so glad that God put them in our path and that they chose Dalton to pursue their careers. They chose this to be their home and to give of their time, talents, and treasures. They are the epitome of ONE DEGREE DALTON and I am honored to share THEIR story. They are a huge part of the happy ending, or should I say beginning, to our story! Kelly, Samantha, Adam, Kent, David, and Aaron, you’re all incredible people. Thank you for your service to this wonderful community!


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